3/4 Time

We went back to Yass River that day
But we didn’t go there to pray
Just to say our last goodbyes
Took 11 years for us to organise
My brother, his daughter and me
And your excess ashes in a cardboard box
That the man from the church said
Didn’t fit in your niche
We’re going

Out of line
And out of time
No suit and tie
No nine to five
Doing 3/4 time
In this 4/4 world

Love, ambivalence and dislike
Jumbled up feelings on our hike
Put aside as we shook the ashes out let’s be frank
In the rushes, mud and water on the river bank
Macabre and strange yet reverent
With cockatoos screeching overhead
Freewheeling, oblivious to our sentiment
We’ve moved


Cleaning up the family home next day
Tidy kindling and newspaper in the fireplace
Significant other read the publishing date
11 years since set and never been lit
He was always tidy, always planned, nothing left to happenchance
What if there’s a possum up the flue? That won’t do
Match found, scratch sound, flames go whoosh
Smoke signals
We’ve moved